Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pictures for the general populace (in which the new DJs are especially included)

Now’s the worst time to be introduced to XYC from the inside, and I'm afraid newcomers won't have a proper grasp of the glory of the radio station. As I pointed out a few months ago, our poster-plastered walls were stripped sadly bare (archives of our old posters can be found at our tumblr). As Jon pointed out a few months ago with a superior camera, The Union where we are located is going through an overhaul of renovation and construction. WXYC and STV downstairs are the last functioning relics of the area. The Union workers have graciously danced around us, but now’s the time they must work in the station. With that, the station’s been in a bit more disarray lately. To protect our records & CDs, they’ve kindly raised plastic coats over the shelves. It’s an aesthetic travesty and it makes the music a hassle to get to, but it’s ultimately a good thing, right?

Here are some photos of the modern station:

Above: a view from underneath

Above right: Billy noticed this - The light in the rock room was just a week ago fully suspended from its four corners, I dunno what happened since, but now it's only two. Sooner or later...

Right: The Jazz/HipHop vinyl room doesn't even have a functioning light anymore.

For memory's sake, here was the station on an average good day half a year ago (photo by Elizabeth Shelton):

These days, the best décor we have (and I'm not joking, I actually like this) is this poster taped to the listening closet door:

Curiously, this poster isn't a poster for Unicorn Hard-On, which is currently setting fire to our singles in rotation AND which you could (and should) check out below.

Unicorn Hard-on - Persian Cats by tangledhares

Ah well, one day, we'll be pretty again.

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